Room 1, Session 4 (16:00 – 17:30)

How do different forms of collaboration impact music practice and research? How have 21st Century innovations affected different ways of ‘doing’ collaborative work?

Each presenter’s video ‘paper’ can be viewed below – the video immediately below is the conference discussion

Hammad Rashid (University of West London)

Mix Collaboration via Zoom

Wells Gordon (Virginia State University)

Cloud-Based Music Production Curriculum for Higher Education

Traditionally music industry and production studies in higher education have been taught through a hands-on vocational model. However, due to digital technologies and the covid pandemic, new production processes and business models have emerged. Recent papers have explored music production in online collaborative processes and teaching music production online with a brick-and-mortar lens. This paper examines the need for a wider adoption of decentralized work models in higher education. To better understand current structures of online work, two examples of cloud-based work will be used from the EngineEars and Arts Laureate.

Using the two examples, the paper analyzes strategies that use emerging digital communication tools and other online systems with a music production curriculum lens.