Haydn Piano Sonata XVI: 50 – Hyper Production MIDI

Artefact Video

300 Word Statement for UK REF 2020 Submission

The output from this research is the musical soundtrack to the Artefact Video. It has been available on vimeo.com and shared via social media since 2016. It has also been played back in concerts at King’s Place London, UWL and the University of Birmingham and in conference and lecture presentations at Harvard University, Drexell University (Philadelphia), the University of the Arts Havana, the University of Los Andes (Bogota), Surrey University and the University of Edinburgh. Although the artefact is the embodiment of a process of theoretically informed and experimental practice research, the rest of this multi-component submission aims to make explicit and effectively share the research process and new knowledge inherent in this artefact.
The contextual information is provided in the structural map in the Artefact Video, the other videos on this webpage and the book chapter and schematic representations that are included as appendices. These components seek to clarify the research questions and context of the project and the technical and metaphorical mechanisms through which the production explores this piece and new ways to interpret and engage with it. These components were produced between 2018 and 2020 and shared here as an example of practice / artistic research for the 250 members of the 21st Century Music Practice research network in 30 countries.
In addition to being a research output in its own right, this example is part of a LCM/UWL project on a national and international level to contribute to the process and discussion about formatting, explaining, presenting, publishing and disseminating outputs of practice / artistic research.

Research Question Video

Research Context Video

Research Narrative Video

New Knowledge Video