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An interesting piece of work in which the visual stimuli complement the audio and vice versa. Indeed, the use of headphones enhances the experience. The video generates different assumptions about which were the constraints that the researcher imposed. Is this a complete work that consists of different sections? Will this be divided into individual audiovisual pieces that will be further developed in the future?

The description justifies, in a simple sentence, the relevance of the piece to the theme. However, the affordance of timedoes not perfectly fit Gibson’s definition of affordance (1979). In addition, this phenomenon of excessive spare time applies to most creative practitioners around the globe. Hence, a question immediately arises: does the creative work of any artist, regardless of their style and intention, that has been created during the lockdown, belong instantly to the Restriction and Affordance category? Finally, it would be useful to know how this research is inspired by Henri Bergson.

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