Reviewer One

Though the description of this piece does not necessarily use the terms restrictions and affordances, it is possible to make these associations just by listening/ viewing the piece. Interestingly, I believe the restrictions are on the viewer’s interpretation or perceptions of the piece. The imagery creates some context, the music creates more, which leads the viewer to make their own assumptions. For instance, listening to this piece felt spooky and eerie and reminded me of industrial/ post-apocalypic world, but that is probably because I like zombie video games that also have this feel. Additionally, the affordances are seen through the composition and thought of space vs non-space. It is a creative concept to explore and can be seen through the contrast of images, non-images (like the black screen), and music. Likewise, I believe I hear isocronich tones around the 8:20 mark, which I think is a great addition to the piece. Overall, I say this piece does deliver on the brief and will contribute to some interesting discussion on how space and non-space can be used to showcase restrictions and affordances.

Reviewer Two

Relevance to Symposium Theme
The work is somewhat connected to the theme. The affordance of non-place, the composer has curated the sounds of non-place. 

How Well The Piece Works
The piece is produced to a professional standard. It is carefully crafted. The concept is as evocative as the audio-visual work and in combination they are sometimes harmonious and sometimes conflicting. Interestingly it seems to oppose itself. I imagine this could spark many different responses – spoken and creative.