Reviewer One

Relevance to theme: The video presents the issue of ‘agency’ quite clearly. It demonstrates how agency might be affected by the limits and affordances of the objects. However, it is not always clear how agency informs/ produces/ distributes limitations and affordances to an object. This might also be a useful point of discussion in the symposia – though there is a great deal of agency implied with the objects being presented, rather than entering the presentation (as it were!).

How well it works: This is a successful presentation that effectively fulfils the symposia’s themes and also stimulates further discussions about agency in an improvisational practice. The citations flashed throughout the video works well as a mini literature review. I think a comparison between objects ‘inheriting’ agency and ‘possessing’ agency will play more into the nature of its limits and affordances. At the moment, the viewer has to make that intellectual leap from issues of agency to ‘limits and affordances’ of the objects.

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