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Reviewer 1’s Comments

This video attempts to create a situation for the viewer to experience inductive reasoning. The multiple layers of symbols – including the title, texts, a recording of a shower, and recordings of other activities – encourage the viewer to imagine possible connections. According to Miller’s description, she expects the viewer to ‘induce’ situations. These are left open – perhaps the viewer will imagine the act of showering or imaging the spaces in which those other activities may occur. Resultantly, this short video proposes an artistic proposition for what inductive reasoning may be in the arts, and thus should contribute to the conference discussion.

Reviewer 2’s Comments

A simple concept and approach, with sonic and visual elements produced to a high standard. The relevance to the theme seems questionable however. In particular, I am not convinced by the claim that the content leads the listener to create ‘meaningful association of shower thoughts’. In my experience, the text is too prescriptive of the associations a listener might make between sound and image. The effect of this is to restrict, rather than enable, listening as an inductive process of extrapolating meaning from the sounds presented. Perhaps the visual content / text could be a little more ambiguous or elusive, requiring the listener to participate more in the interpretation, and to listen ‘in’ more to the sounds and their relationships? Similarly, the spatialisation of the recordings could be more effective. Should the the shower recording be more proximate, enveloping the listener, with the ‘thought’ sounds being more distant? As it stands, the shower is presented in background, with the ‘thought’ sounds in the foreground. The person showering, and therefore, the auditory perspective of the person having the thoughts, is ‘over there’.

See video of Zoom discussion on 2nd May 2020 for further discussion of this piece with the creator

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Madison Miller
3 years ago

Thanks for your comment. I agree that this does show the process of inductive reasoning with the audience. As the creator, though, I think that the method of creation was from a deductive approach. I was inspired by sonic textures of everyday objects as well as sonic affect theory. Being in self isolation, I’ve played around with many sounds made from objects in my house and had the realization that I know the origins of the sound to make associations, but wondered if these same sounds would be interpreted differently when put into a story-telling-esque scene. Shower thoughts was born… Read more »

Madison Miller
3 years ago

Thanks for the 2nd review. I also agree. After reflection, I can understand the limiting issues with the text and the placement of the sonic textures in the piece. Perhaps my attempt to make it a guided piece was too complex. In the future I’ll play around more and see if I am confident enough with my work to not have so many probes.