Reviewer One

Relevance to theme: There is little/no explanation to how the presentation relates to the theme of the symposia. It is difficult to observe how the workplace is compromised because the video gives no indication of change from the norm – and perhaps, that is difficult to capture. A brief explanation of what your other line inputs (Mono, Absynth No5) represent could also assist in giving context to your work here.

How well it works: As a compositional experiment, there is demonstration of how you use the theme of limitations as a tool to apply certain effects – by associating children’s voices as interruption (and therefore, a limitation of your focus). However, this is not clearly nuanced in the write-up. Assigning a line input as ‘limitations’ (and using sidechain compression effect) is not sufficient enough to inform readers of the creative decision behind it. The video feeds more into an artistic effect than it does as an academic presentation of the research theme. An exploration of how your perceived limitations (workplace interruption, for example) has ‘afforded’ you this compositional/creative output might give a stronger basis for inclusion into the symposia.

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